Monday, August 30, 2010


bringing daisy home. daisy do'little is our new vintage 1965 shasta camper. "do'little" that's what we plan on doin, once she is ready to really roll on the roads. definitely in great shape for being 45 yrs old. lots of projects to complete.

she was purchased from a sweet family in bartonville,il....only about 20 mins from our log home. found her on craigslist. born in indiana. spent most of her life in a barn in illinois from what we were told. made the ride home smoothly without one bit of trouble. love her already.

looking forward to many new adventures in restoration and camping.

here's a few pics from today. proud parents we are....:)

lots of factory features are still present....gotta love that.


  1. Oh my gosh!!! How fun! We used to have a 1978 Coleman Pup up that belonged to my grandparents. I always dreamed about fixing it up like new. But we finally gave up and bought a 2006 travel trailer a few years ago. It's really nice. But it sure doesn't have all the charm of the older ones.

  2. hey again.....trish i hear ya on the giving up thing....hubs and i swear we will not give up on daisy. we are in no real hurry to get her done. we are mainly going to use it as a guest cottage camper and probably keep it parked near our lake. it is fun to shop for vintage 60's things instead of log cabin-y things tho. it's whole different perspective on looking for things.

    altho i do hope to get a few road trips in with her. we are not big campers, per se, but just as you say, loved the charm of daisy.

    good to hear you have been in our

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  4. Hope this is still active, what model is this? I have nearly the same one with only minor interior differences. I have been looking all over the Internet and this is the only one I have seen with the 5 windows on the side like mine. I thought it was an airflyte but the ones I find only have 4 side windows.
    Thank you Dan