Tuesday, August 31, 2010


beginning inventory.....
-rear bunk

little miss daisy do'little has upper bunks with very little wear. i would suspect that it was only a few times that daisy ever had her upper bunks pulled out.

mirror shot with rear bunk up.....

here's a rear shot......of the rear bunk, of course.....:)
.....lovin daisy's ladder.

original mattress......amazing not one stain....was it ever used?...doubtful.

original tag to rear bunk mattress

ahhhhhhh......so much mattress talk makes me wanna head for bed....goodnite sweet daisy.

Monday, August 30, 2010


bringing daisy home. daisy do'little is our new vintage 1965 shasta camper. "do'little" that's what we plan on doin, once she is ready to really roll on the roads. definitely in great shape for being 45 yrs old. lots of projects to complete.

she was purchased from a sweet family in bartonville,il....only about 20 mins from our log home. found her on craigslist. born in indiana. spent most of her life in a barn in illinois from what we were told. made the ride home smoothly without one bit of trouble. love her already.

looking forward to many new adventures in restoration and camping.

here's a few pics from today. proud parents we are....:)

lots of factory features are still present....gotta love that.